Your Flowers

When you first walked in this four-way door, I would have never known sunshine was a person I never thought that the luminescence of a shattered glass, Could make a graveyard weave life on its skin You planted sunflowers in the ashes of my bones, But then you left and told me you won't be… Continue reading Your Flowers


Back and Forth

If I could go back, trust me, I would.

The Sailor and The Ocean

Your face reflects the heavens filled with twinkling stars. Calming and soothing; your waves, they lull me within this crooked ship. They didn't want me to be the sailor of your ocean, saying you are dangerous and you would hurt me. But, they don't understand that your billows that hug my ship are the only… Continue reading The Sailor and The Ocean

Bigger Than Ache

Something quite bigger than ache has been scratching my skin all day, There is itchiness on the tip of my tongue, It wants to cry for help but it does not know how, My throat is filled with thorns that every time I let my heart make a sound, I choke. There is a voice… Continue reading Bigger Than Ache


If I could write about what I'm feeling How it is a vast ocean, or an unending abyss. How it drags my heart to the floor and scratches its way out the door– Not even with enough strength could open, nor a light could seep its way in. How sometimes, it is I digging my… Continue reading Unknown


I hope you don't mind. I know I have more than enough journal notebooks to write my thoughts down safely and secured and away from the public's eyes; why I even bother opening up a public website where (very) exaggeratedly, is like, exposing my mind wide open to strangers? I seriously have no idea. I… Continue reading Hello