I hope you don’t mind. I know I have more than enough journal notebooks to write my thoughts down safely and secured and away from the public’s eyes; why I even bother opening up a public website where (very) exaggeratedly, is like, exposing my mind wide open to strangers? I seriously have no idea. I guess I just wanted to share what’s going on inside this chaotic mind to a different atmosphere. Although, to be honest, they are nothing fancy and nothing special. Just some weird thoughts and distorted feelings and heartaches and sadness turned into some crazy metaphors and all that. This is not a what-is-happening-on-my-life-right-now-on-this-very-specific-date-and-time-kind-of-blog. But, this is a this-is-what-i-am-feeling-today-but-you-will-not-find-out-what-because-i-hid-it-under-these-masks-of-figures-of-speech-kind-of-blog. I hope I make it until the very end of the bowl. That’ll be all, I guess.

More milk to soak in to!

Yours Truly,

Jeka (your soggy cornflake)