The Sailor and The Ocean

Your face reflects the heavens filled with twinkling stars.

Calming and soothing; your waves,

they lull me within this crooked ship.

They didn’t want me to be the sailor of your ocean,

saying you are dangerous and you would hurt me.

But, they don’t understand that your billows

that hug my ship are the only home I find safe.

Ironic, because they warned me to be careful,

afraid you’ll swallow my heart and drown me.

When in fact you’re the one that keeps my soul afloat,

always telling me to keep my head above the clouds—

to keep my eyes sparkling in sync with the moon.

They told me to leave while I still have time,

saying there are lots of monstrous sides of you

that are yet to be discovered.

They don’t know anything.

They will never know that I’ve already discovered your body,

and they’re the ones that saved me.

Your figures and your tongue;

how they caressed me.

I’ve already felt your lips,

how they curved me.

If there are still more skin I need to explore on you,

I’m ready to swim deep and drown.